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Question: How long can a person live with anal cancer? My father has anal tumor and it is cancerous, he is getting surgery soon and I just want to know how long would he live for? The tumor is very large. Please let me know because I really love my dad, he is only 46 years old :[

Answer: I am sorry you and your father have to experience this. It is a very hard thing to accept, believe or even imagine when someone has been diagnosed with cancer. No one can honestly tell you how much time a person with cancer has left to live. It of course depends on the tumor's grade, your fathers physical and mental health, age plays a part in it too (younger people tend to recover a bit better than older people). It also depends on how aggressive the tumor is. I have attached a link all about anal cancer and it may be able to answer a few of your question. My husband passed away a month ago from stage 4 brain cancer "GBM" which we fought for 2 yrs and 7 months. The doctors told him in the very beginning that he had no longer than 3 moths to live..'guaranteed' they told us. My husband never gave up and always had a positive attitude about everything....positive is healthy, negativity is not. Find a hospital and doctor that specializes in anal cancer, and it's important that you guys find a doctor who's main focus is on your dad and his willingness to beat this cancer. More than 85 percent of cancer specialist these days are only there for the paycheck now, instead of like before when they were medical physicians because they enjoyed helping people and loved there jobs. Find a good doctor for him & get second opinions. Good luck to you and your family....remember stay positive and help your father stay that way too.

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