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Question: Is it normal to have sharp pains in the breast and upper back after breast cancer surgery? My mom had a small cancerous tumor removed about 3 months ago and she had no discomfort nor pain until two days ago. She has been taking this radiation type of pill which she needs to take for the next five years and she has been on it for the last two weeks. Is this pain normal or should I make an appointment with her doctor. I have heard this pill gives her joint pain, but her breast and upper back also? thanks

Answer: Firstly, the pill is no a radiation type pill, it is closer to chemotherapy and clocer still to an anti-hormone pill. It can give joint pain, including spinal pain (the spine is a series of joints) but any pain should be reported to her oncologist. I can't wait for the next few months to be over so I can stop taking this and get rid of the aches!

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