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Question: How many of you have HPV and pre cancer cells and had surgery for it? I was diagnosed with HPV last November and a few weeks after that I had laser surgery because I had Cin1 and cin 2 pre cancer cells. Anyway i did everything the doctor told me to do I didnt have sex for 8 weeks i got my first pap smear done i had to wait 4 months I just got it done last thursday and i am nervous of the results. i hope i dont have pre cancer anymore me my family and my boyfriend are all very worried. i heard there is a 98% success rate of the laser curgery i had on my cervix anyone have any experience with this? i am very thankful they found it early.

Answer: I can not remember what 'version' I had, but four years ago I had to have two cryo surgeries. It came back a few months after the first. The second took care of it and was told I would never deal with it again most likely. To this day my paps are clean.

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