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Question: Can people with leaky heart valves have colon cancer surgery safely? My dad is 71years old. His valve is leaking 30 percent. He gets short of breath sometimes. Is surgery safe for him

Answer: You need to ask the doctor. However, if he has colon cancer and he doesn't have it removed he is going to die. My aunt had colon cancer. It's very painful and very deadly. My grandmother had a tumor in her stomach the size of a grapefruit as well as a tumor in her spleen and esophagus. She had a heart attack in the early 90's and so her primary care physician did not think she should have the surgery. Her cancer specialist thought she would be able to make it since she was always really active (cooking, cleaning, etc, even though she was 80). She decided to have the surgery because she knew there was a 100% chance that she would die without having the surgery. She had surgery back in May and is still living today. She had to have a feeding tube attached to her small intestine and requires a lot of care but, thankfully, she is still here.

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