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Question: What happens after surgery for kidney cancer? I am having a tumor removed from my kidney, possibly the whole kidney removed. What happens after? Will I be "normal" again? Will I feel sick, weak, ?????? Anyone know?

Answer: Well. if it's a small tumor, they could do a Ablation.. I have had two of them in the past 3 years. And if they do remove the whole kidney your will be very uncomfortable for awhile.. I spare you nothing. And the pain medication you will probably go home with .. causes constipation. So, the faster you get off it , the faster you will feel better, Because adding constipation. and the gas that goes with it. Make for a lot of pain in the abdomen..and you have undoubtly had a lot of muscle cut to get to the kidney. I did not have a kidney removed 5 years ago. I has a 12cm cancer ( Partial nephrectomy. I was born with only one kidney.

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