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Question: Liver Cancer Surgery ? My Brother in Law have liver cancer and he is going into surgery the 14 , The doctor told him before that he just going to cut part of the liver out , but now he is saying the tumor is on the left/ or right side ( I am not sure ) where all the blood vessels located , so he have to open up to see , if the tumor is located near blood vessels then he can't remove it . I am wondering how dangerous is this surgery and what are the chances that it may fail ? Also the doctor told my sister they can't provide a translator at the day of the surgery and NEED a family member who speak English to be there , so now my sister insist me to go back for a day ( I live in another state ) Why would the doctor not to provide a translator and said that to my sister ?

Answer: I can not see why the hospital would not provide a translator. Is it that there is not one available? If one is not available at that time or that day then I think it is only right SOMEONE who speaks English be there. Otherwise they could say something she may not understand. I don't mean to sound nasty but why hasn't anyone in the other state took the time to learn English if you are living in America? These things are import. They have numerous classes available. Hind sight is 20/20.

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