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Question: What are the recovery rates of lung surgery for stage IV lung cancer? I have battled lung cancer for 2 years and have the opportunity to have a portion of my right lung removed. What are the typical outcomes and after affects of such surgery?

Answer: I agree with Denisedd. If you are planning surgery, your surgeon should be carefully explaining the expected benefits verses the risks of the operation. Your surgeon and medical oncologist and perhaps the radiation oncologist should be discussing your situation as a group to provide all points of view regarding surgery. If you have correctly listed your lung carcinoma as stage IV - widespread disease - the doctors must consider where else you have disease and how much benefit you might gain from a partial lung resection. Your doctors know the details of your case which you do not provide for us. What was the initial stage? What was the histopathology - the type of lung cancer? Where has it spread? What treatments have already been tried? What is the tumor volume - roughly estimated? We should not be offering advice at this distance with so little information. We don't even know your age?

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