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Question: Penile cancer or Psoriasis? I was diagnosed with penile cancer about 4 years ago.Since then I've had 4 separate surgeries to remove the cancer.Just 2 weeks ago I was sent to a dermatologist by my original phyician, the dermatologist did a biopsy of the affected area and he just got back to me with the results.He's now claiming that it may not be cancer, but psoriasis instead.He claims that psoriasis cells and cancer cells are so similar that he really cannot tell if I have penile cancer or psoriasis. After having chunks of my penis removed from prior surgeries I am shocked at this last diagnosis. Please help me. What should my next move be? Seriously, I am mentally and emotionally drained, not to mention rather deformed from the procedures that I thought were saving my life. I wonder if anyone out there has a simlar story or just some advice. Thanks so much, Mark

Answer: It is beyond me how this could happen. You should not be seeing a dermatologist for either condition and they certainly should not be giving you a diagnosis that should only be done by a pathologist. Take all of you pathology reports to a urologist or an oncologist and get to the bottom of it. You should never have to go through unnecessary surgeries or worry. Good luck.

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