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Question: Anyone had skin cancer surgery? I see so many people sitting under the sun and baking their skin. I wonder if they spent some time at a doctor watching people get surgery for a skin cancer they would spend so much time outdoors. Have you been checked for skin cancer and have you ever had surgery for skin cancer?

Answer: You bring up a good point. Unfortunately, some people just don't realize the potential severity of skin cancer. I know two women who have had skin cancer removal surgery and each handled the scare differently. One woman decided that it was time to bust out the sunblock and gardening hat; she stays out of the sun as much as possible now. The other woman thought that the doctor was able to get rid of the cancer pretty easily. She stayed out of the sun for one summer, but now she's back in the tanning salon and hanging out at the river all weekend with no sunblock. I try to get minimal amounts of sun because I know that there are benefits to limited sun exposure, but I do my best to wear sunscreen anytime I'll be outside for more than just a couple of minutes.

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