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Question: Testicular cancer had surgery to have it removed any one had a lot of swelling after surgery? Hi, My fiance was told he had testicular cancer and had his testi removed, His scrotum is really swollen, bigger than a tennis ball and black {brusing} Has any one had this and how long did it take for the swelling to go down? The surgen said that he could go back into surgery and have it drained but there was a risk of infection and worse things. Just wondering if any one had this and how long before it started to go down and bruising go etc. Thank you so much. Hi Im bk, From what we can work out from the surgen he had hemoging {sorry cant spell lol} in the scrotom and they said that they could drain it but there was a risk of infection and worse things so would let it go down by itself, its been 4days and still is the same size,

Answer: Hi, Firstly I would like to say I am sorry to hear about your fiancé’s problems. I have got a little confused by your letter, when I had it, the incision was made in the lower part of the stomach and not just the testi but the whole gland was removed, I never had swelling just an empty feeling in the lower stomach. My doctor never even said anything about possible swelling in the scrotum? I would get a second opinion from another doctor that also specializes in this type of cancer, it is always better to have it checked... I hope that I could help a bit and good luck...

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