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Question: What are the stages of advanced esophageal cancer? My grandpa has just been diagnosed with advanced esophageal cancer...I was wondering,what are the stages and explain what happens to the body and can they be cured or helped? Btw,Idk what stage he has. The doctor does not know yet he only explained it was advanced.

Answer: My father was diagnosed at the beginning of January (this year, 2009) with Esophageal Cancer. He is stage 4-the last stage. They discovered his cancer when he could no longer swallow, and he had lost over 20 pounds. His cancer had already spread to the shoulders, hips, and liver when it was discoverd. He had been on reflux medicine for over 20 years, was not a drinker, and smoked for a couple years as a teenager. As of yesterday he has been given 3 weeks to live because the cancer is spreading so rapidly and has multiplied all over his liver, causing the liver not to function. He is still in the hospital as they are trying to get his heartrate back to normal (for an unknown reason it is really high, his heart is otherwise very strong). The oncologist said he will start sleeping more and more as the liver shuts down, and thats how he will go. Its a very aggressive cancer and unfortunately if its already in an advanced stage, prepare yourself for the worst. I never imagined that my dad would have such a short fight. He started his chemo 2/2/09 and now has 3 weeks left to live. I think it depends in your case if the cancer has already spread to other organs, if it hasn't then you have a much better chance at fighting it. I wish your family the best, I know too well what someone with esophageal cancer has to go through and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

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