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Question: Does chemotherapy work in helping to cure liver cancer? How effective is chemotherapy. I know someone who has primary liver cancer (so hasn't spread anywhere in the body) and is about to start chemotherapy in order to shrink the tuma/s on the liver to then remove them surgically.

Answer: If you study the figures, you'll find plenty of opinions on both sides. The ACS claims a 44% percent success rate in treating all cancers with chemotherapy, but their figures are based on five year survival rates. Ten year survival rates for cancer treated with chemotherapy are less than ten percent. That is a lower survival rate than untreated cancers. The sad fact of the matter is that cancer is a billion dollar industry, and there are many people with great influence, who have a vested interest in keeping cancer alive. The key to their profit has always been the patenting of pharmaceutical drugs and treatments of the symptoms, and not the cause. They claim not to understand the cause of cancer, and yet fervently deny any cure exists, and if you suggest otherwise, they claim you are a quack. For almost a hundred years, doctors have come forward with effective treatments for all kinds of cancer, and been suppressed; Because natural remedies cannot be patented, and hence reap no profit for the pharmaceutical industry. Cancer is caused by imbalance and toxicity in the system. It is brought on by elements in our air and water, but primarily our food. The majority of food in America today is toxic, and can cause a wide variety of diseases, from cancer, to diabetes, to heart problems and immune dysfunction. Chemotherapy does nothing to treat this cause. In fact, it introduces more toxins into they system and cripples the immune system. Don't take my word for it, do your research online. Google "chemotherapy survival rates" Then, if you're as unsatisfied with western treatments as I am, google these: Tai Chi QiGong Gerson Hoxsey Modern medicine will tell you this is all quackery... From atop the growing pile of chemotherapy treated and radiated corpses, 56 million annually. Ask yourself if you would trust the same men who push pills on you during the nightly news, between commercials for greasy fast food burgers and shiny American cars made in Mexico, or are they just in it for the money? The answer might save your friend's life.

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