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Question: Oral cancer through drinking alcohol, 5000 deaths a year. Is it worth marrying a drinker with just a few years? of life expectancy? Would you take a chance of being alone at 50?

Answer: Hi - firstly, don't believe everything you read in the newspapers. Where is their evidence that links alcohol to oral cancer - it simply does not exist. This is another attempt by our inept government to try and reverse a problem that they have caused - the massive increase in drinking and the physical and social consequences of it. I simply do not believe that alcohol causes oral cancer - how can they possibly create that link - it could be anything that is ingested through the mouth and seeing all the chemicals allowed in our food (often banned by other countries) they simply cannot link it. It is a government lie (like so many others) trying to get us to stop drinking. We SHOULD drink less - over-drinking IS bad - but addiction to alcohol can be cured. I've worked with a number of alcoholics and every one of them has stopped drinking and remained dry afterwards (I'm a hypnotherapist). If you love this person, if you feel a soul connection, then do what your heart feels is right - perhaps it is your role in this life to help this person - why not make that an objective. Alcoholism usually has a root cause and maybe you can help them address that and the pair of you will live very happily together. So go with your instinct and if you really care for this person, work together to sort out anything that could affect you both living a long and fruitful life.

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