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Question: Anyone know any oral cancer statistics? Okay, so I chew tobacco on a semi regular basis. I chew about 2 tins a month or so, and I am wondering what my risks are for oral cancer. I guess I worry too much and every time my throat feels wierd or I feel pain in my mouth, but it never leads to anything. I have heard that I have a higher chance of getting in a car accident than getting oral cancer at the age of 21 but I am wondering if anyone knows anything about it. Can you help me out please?

Answer: I HAVE seen it in dippers your age, and be warned-- it is a very common cancer in people who chew. It is terribly difficult to treat; impossible, actually, especially once it's in the floor of the mouth. Even cancer in the jaw requires extensive surgery that is horribly disfiguring, with the added bonus of not being able to eat by mouth and requiring tube feeding. Google Images of "oral cancer". I guarantee you'll be so shocked by what you see that you'll throw that s**t chew away immediately!

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